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Welcome to the student center.  Here you can download the latest versions of the curriculum, as well as information on school rules and pricing.  The student center is exclusive to only Windy City students and will have other valuable tools to help you in your development.

Last Update 4/15/07

Exclusive WC Articles

Unedited Sifu Fong 2006 Interview
YGKYM is everything
The blueprint for stick
They why in wing chun



3rd Annual WCWC Student Appreciation Lunch


Archived Online Weekly Tutorial

Full List of Drills/Exercises

Quick Training Tips

The Eye
Student analysis on video

Video Reference
Dummy Form in 8 pts
1 2  3 4 5 6 7 8
SLT -16.2 mb
Chum Kiu  -8.5 mb
Bue Gee 13.8 mb
Butterfly swords 21.6mb
Pole Form

World of WCWC
Definition of Ranking
Sifu Ed Cruz

S-13 W - 11
KI - 14 E - 12
M- 9 JMT  - 10

Sifu Ken Weingart

S-9 W - 8
KI - 15 E - 8
M- 7 JMT  - 8

Yellow Level
Phil Trieu
Alain J.
April Welch
Ryan Carandang
Phil Javier

Help me obi wan, your my only hope!

Student Video Instruction NEW

After Training Hangouts
All hard training should be rewarded with good eating.  Below is a small
list of all the best spots we hit
after a hard day of training.
Eat outs

Best and Worst Martial Arts Movies
A list of must see fighting movies with reviews as well as all time worst.

January 30th 2005
Student Appreciation Dinner
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Message to student for Student Appreciation day
February 25th 2006
Student Appreciation Dinner

1, 2, 3, 4, 5     movie
February 24th 2007
Student Appreciation Lunch

Tournament Results
Day 1 
Tourn pt 1
Tourn pt 2
Tourn pt 3

Day 2
Tourn pt1
Quarter final and 3rd place

Breakdown of fights

In School Chi Sao Tournament rules

1st TPC Win, Win, Win!
Answers to tpc trivia pursuit

2nd TPC Contest
Answers to 2nd TPC 

3rd Tpc Contest
Answers to 3rd TPC

LVL 1 White Ranking

Section 1 - Self-defense
Section 2 - Origin
Section 3 - Closing the Gap
Section 4 - Putting it all together

Minimum Requirement to Yellow

Minimum Requirement to learn forms

LVL 2 Yellow Ranking
LVL 3 Red Ranking

Windy City Wing Chun Code of Conduct

Windy City Wing Chun Pricing

F.A.Q on Ranking

13 Principles

2007 Events

Feb 24th
3rd Annual Student Appreciation Dinner

May - Trivia pursuit challenge

Aug/Sept - 2nd annual In School Chi Sao Tournament

Oct 13th -
6th Annual Sifu Fong Seminar


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