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Windy City Wing Chun continues to publish articles both online as well as in nationally published magazines.

We hope that the articles we have written continue to help those individuals gain further insight in martial arts.  And, we will continue to spread the word about Wing Chun with future articles.

No Pain, No Gain
by Sifu Ed Cruz

"Drills are the necessary homework one needs to do to prepare for the real test.  Without drills, itd be like taking a test without ever opening the book, coming to class, or listening to the teacher.  The result of not doing that is obvious."

Windy City Wing Chun has several published works from Inside Kung Fu. 

You can purchase our written magazine articles from CFW.

The Path to Mastering Chi Sao (May 2002) written by Sifu Ed Cruz
Wing Chun's Hidden Text Book (September 2003) written by Sifu Ed Cruz
Beyond Chain Punching (November 2005) written by Sifu Ed Cruz
Best Kept Secrete Pt1
(February 2006) written by Sifu Ed Cruz
Winning the Wing Chun Way Pt2
(March 2006) written by Sifu Ed Cruz

Quick Talk with Sifu Augustine Fong

A quick 1 on 1 chat with Sifu Augustine Fong. 


Words of wisdom, as I get a quick interview with our Sifu. We talk briefly about history of wing chun, tips for beginners, and major obstacles to overcome.



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