1) Sifu Fong, what do you believe are the most important things, that a beginner should focus on in the start?

The beginner should have faith in the art and in the teacher. And focus on what he is doing. Don't learn too much in the beginning work on the motion one thing at a time.

2) In the beginning Wing Chun is looked upon for self-defense, but in the end you've stated it goes beyond that, how so?

Everybody knows self-defense is Physical action (fighting) which is right to a low level martial arts people. But to a real high-level martial arts people which is a very low and bad solution for self-defense. Because there is not only one way to skin a cat. Lets think, The true self defense is keep yourself un-harm from any situation. If you punch out you opponent with your fist. You may think that you win the fight. But your opponent may also thinks that he hurts your fist with his body. In the eye of a true Gung Fu Man, there is no gain or loss in any situation There is always in a balanced situation. So there are ways to self defense without fighting. But you need to know that you can fight. Than you will have the guts to face up any self defense's situation.

3) How has your teaching changed over the last 39 years?

My teaching method is always evolving to the best to let people to learn Wing Chun easier and faster in the right way. My method of teaching will fit into any type of people. But the Wing Chun will be remained the same. As the true principle of Tao.

4) What's the biggest obstacle that one has to overcome, to master Wing Chun?

You're own Ego

5) What's the time frame for learning the complete art, and then being able to teach it?

Two or more years, it depends on your practice and leering.

6) If your chi Sao is good, does that mean you'll be a good fighter?

No, You still have to learn how to apply chi sau in fighting. Chi Sau is a tool to develop your fighting skill.

7) Since you've made modifications from what you've originally learned, have you noticed if your students have made their own changes to certain things?

Yes, not only my students, My Sifu Ho and My sigung Yip man too. It is not call Changing. It is call Evolving. Let say that, if the whole society is evolving and there is one thing do not evolving along with the society. Do you think that thing will keep alive or die out?

8) You have a close relationship with Master Ho, and you have over 39 years in the art, are there still things in the art that you can learn from your teacher?

Yes, Learning is a life time subject. Special from the older person, such as my Sifu, he has much more experience in life and teaching than I, So I think I won't be able to finish learning till the day I die.

9) What attracted you to Wing Chun in the beginning?

My ego, like to be a troublemaker, like to fight, like to be the Number one.  

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