Windy City Wing Chun Gung Fu Federation, Inc.
School Rules

1) All students will only use their Wing Chun skill and knowledge in defense of themselves or to defend those who cannot defend themselves.
2) All students must address the teacher as, “Sifu” unless instructed other wise.
3) All students must be courteous to your fellow student.
4) All students must wear complete Windy City Wing Chun uniforms for classes and seminars. (the appropriate color shirt)
5) All students must pay tuition on time.
6) All students are expected to come to class on time.
7) Only instructors, teaching assistants or appointed helpers may teach others.
8) Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to train.
9) Profanity is not permitted in the academy.
10) You represent the academy in public; don’t do anything bad to affect the academy’s reputation. Do credit to the academy in public.
11) Do not criticize other martial arts or people.
12) Do one good deed a day.

All rules carry equal weight regardless of the order in which they appear. The Sifu’s will discipline students who violate the school rules. 



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