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Looking for the Official Windy City Wing Chun T-shirt or Patch, you can find it here and place your order.  Also, our hottest selling item is the long awaited video of Wing Chun Gung Fu unleashed.  Now available in both DVD and VHS.  

To place an order email info@windycitywingchun.com 

Pt1: Gives an introduction to Wing Chun and talks briefly about its history and origin.  It also discuss in detail the mechanics of the Wing Chun punch and talks of the importance of the YGKYM stance.  In addition,  general applications and drills are also performed to give the viewer a better understanding of the art. Finally the video also shows the complete Siu Lim Tao form performed by Sifu Ed Cruz.

Deals with the effectiveness of Wing Chun as a self-defense.  It covers the necessary tools you need physically and mentally to defend yourself in the street.  Also, it shows how Wing Chun would deal with everyday street situational threats.

Advance applications of Wing Chun are finally discussed.  Here the video covers in  full details of how to chi sao correctly and what makes Wing Chun so different from all other arts.  Captured in both full speed and slow motion, chi sao in action.  Sifu Ed Cruz shows how to be untouchable in defense and demonstrates how to unleash the aggressiveness when attacking.  He then uncovers the details on how chi sao mechanics works in a real fight.

OUT of STOCK DVD $35 and S+H ($3.50) approximately 1:30 in length. 

  View trailer showing video!

Note: No returns allowed for  DVD products.  Only if item is defective, will we accept it and then replace it with a working product.


Both shirts are Official Windy City Wing Chun T-shirts made of 100% cotton.  Comes in either black or White.  $20

Windy City patch can be place on shirts, pants and even bags. $10

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