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If you looking for anything on Fong's lineage, our link section connects you to every website that we know of that's affiliated with Sifu. 


The website is home to tons of information on Wing Chun. Sifu also now has a few videos online. You can also read several interviews that he has conducted and he just recently started a Q&A section.  He also has a store which you can order from. Take advantage of this site.


Sifu Fong's website

Master Ho Kam Ming's Website

Visit Master Ho Kam Ming's Website, our Si-Gung who started it all.

Master Ho was one of the rare individuals who completed the entire art of Wing Chun directly under Yipman.  He continues to teach privately to a select handful of students and spread the art of Wing Chun. Find out more about him and his teachings at his website.

Raven Studios
Definitely a top place to shop for all your Wing Chun needs. 

Windy City has purchased at Raven studios before, since one of Sifu's own personal students is the master craftsman behind all the work. Carina makes hand crafted training equipment for eastern and western martial arts.  You can either call or email for wooden dummies, poles, Bot Jaam Do's, and much more.


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