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Do you have questions about Wing Chun or maybe your in search for some answers about our school? Would you like us to put a demonstration for your event?  Maybe you want more information on an upcoming seminars or our Depaul Classes.  Then either give us a call or email, and we'll be glad to help you out anyway we can.

Ed Cruz 
(847) 800-9679


Ken Weingart


Ed Basile

Ed Basile is back from over seas and is teaching in North Carolina for the time being.

If you email us, expect a speedy response back.  If you don't hear from us back within 2 days, that means we didn't receive your email.











"Windy City Wing Chun is, 
hands down, the best of the 
best in the Wing Chun
community.  The instructors
have such a detailed under-
standing and proficiency in
the art and its application
that no question will be 
left unanswered.  Sifus Ken
and Ed have helped me 
take my Wing Chun levels 
beyond what I have ever 
thoughts possible." -- 
Alain Juridico

Learning at Windy City Wing
Chun is perfect for me, they
really care about each 
student and they teach 
students individually at a 
speed that you can keep up
with.  It's fun, it works,
you'll know you can take 
care of yourself... Wing
Chun is the one." --- 
April Welch

Windy City Wing Chun is simply
put.. great training by 3 great
Wing Chun instructors that live 
HERE in Chicago.  Just what I 
needed for taking out a big 
nasty attacker.  That's what I
wanted to learn... that's what I've
gotten." --
Donna Galloway

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