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Definitely one of our most popular sections next to the articles is our movies.  While reading is fun, seeing Wing Chun in action is what its all about.  Check often since we continue to pour new videos all the time.

Windy City Wing Chun Seminar 2000
Windy City Wing Chun 2nd annual Seminar 2001

Sifu  chi sao #1
Sifu chi sao #2

combo attack
wu sau test
different angles #1
different angles #2
foot work
proper punch
hook counter
shoulder strike

Arm lock #1
Peter chi saoing #1
Alain take down
Peter chi saoing #2
Les sticky hands
Liv sticky hands
Les sticky hands #2
flow drill
bear hug
full nelson
Alain stick #1
Alain stance test
Alain freeze
bottle stick
Alain stick #2
police lock
JR stick 
muscle push up

Windy City Wing Chun 3rd annual Seminar 2002
Windy City Wing Chun 4th
annual Seminar 2003

Idea Behind the circle
Single sticky hand
Lop Sau 
Lop Sau #2
Chi Sao
How to use the triangle
Closing the Gap
Chi Gurk 

Chi sao 
Close the Gap 1
Close the Gap 2
Close the Gap 3
Close the Gap 4
Close the Gap 5
SLT pt 2
SLT pt 3


Depaul Demonstration

Windy City Wing Chun students
attack combo #1
attack combo #2
attack combo #3
attack combo #4
def #1
def #2
1 inch punch
round house counter
arm grab
hook kick counter
bitch slap
hook punch

front kick

double push
Phil's centerline punch
1st section SLT

2nd section SLT

3rd section SLT
April punch
Jin punch
Ken and April chi sao

Nicky and April chi sao
Les and Nicky chi sao
RJ punch
Random Videos
 Northwestern Demonstration

All out battle
Wing Chun Vs. Bear
Wing Chun Vs. Thai Boxing
Bruce Boards do hit back
Hairy Gung Fu Man
Wing Chun Chi Gurk
Jackie Chan
Centerline Football
Basketball Jerk

NW nonstick
NW stick
NW attack


Nov 13th 2004 Golden Eagle Convention

Wing Chun Applications



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